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ThermoKal a fat burner for the stimulant sensitive but it’s not stimulant free


As well as introducing its new stimulant powered weight loss competitor today, StimuKal, Metabolic Nutrition has also introduced another fat burner that isn’t quite the usual stimulant free or stimulant stackable supplement. The other new product from the brand is called ThermoKal, which is described as a stimulant sensitive weight loss solution. ThermoKal does appear to have similar intentions to StimuKal, in fact most of its ingredients are from StimuKal.

The effects Metabolic promises for ThermoKal include thermogenesis, optimization of calorie partitioning, and overall weight loss. It also promotes the fact that it’s caffeine-free, giving you the ability to take it at any time of the day. While it may be caffeine free, ThermoKal does still have other stimulants in the mix, which is why the brand describes it as stimulant sensitive solution. It’s essentially a fat burner for those that don’t like the caffeine kick, but still want a bit of stimulation.

Metabolic Nutrition ThermoKal


Moving on to the formula behind Metabolic’s new ThermoKal, as mentioned earlier it does have a lot in common with StimuKal. In total it packs eight ingredients, with six of that eight coming from the brand’s new stimulant competitor. Since both supplements use proprietary blends we don’t know if the ingredients’ doses are the same, just that they are in there. The six ThermoKal uses from StimuKal are TeaCrine theacrine, Kinetiq citrus aurantium, Paradoxine grains of paradise, Capsimax, black pepper, and yohimbe. The product’s remaining two features are berberine and evodiamine.

Just like Metabolic’s other new fat burner for December, ThermoKal is now available for purchase from its official website. The brand has also priced its caffeine free formula exactly the same as StimuKal at $59.99 for a full-size 45 serving bottle. That is obviously quite high and no surprise since its coming direct from Metabolic, so if you’d prefer to get it at a cheaper price you might want to wait for it to hit retailers.

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