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C4 Ultimate is currently only available at select GNC locations

c4 ultimate

Since the launch of Cellucor’s new C4 Ultimate just a couple of days ago, we’ve had a lot of people asking where they can get it. As mentioned on Wednesday the brand’s most transparent and complete pre-workout to date is currently only available at GNC. There is however a catch to that as not all locations will have it just yet.

Cellucor itself has confirmed that at the moment C4 Ultimate can only be found at select GNC locations. Basically if you can’t find it at your local GNC, look or ring around your area as it may be in stock at another one nearby. The other option you have is that you can to wait a bit, as the latest Cellucor supplement is only going to be available in select locations for another couple of weeks.

One more detail Cellucor has confirmed is that C4 Ultimate is going to be getting a more official launch sometime before Christmas. That launch is expected to include availability in a number of other major retailers such as Cellucor’s own website and

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