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4 Gauge takes packaging to another level with its self-titled pre-workout

4 gauge

Every now and then we come across a supplement company that does things a little differently, whether it be creative formulas or unique branding. The brand we have in the spotlight today is more of the latter, with the still relatively small 4 Gauge.

The entire 4 Gauge brand is themed around its shotgun inspired title, which is something that’s fairly obvious when you see its one and only product. The name of 4 Gauge’s one supplement is also 4 Gauge, a pre-workout competitor that comes packaged in a shotgun shell styled bottle.

4 gauge

While usually products and companies that put a lot of effort into marketing, don’t tend to have overly great formulas behind their supplements, that’s not quite the case for 4 Gauge. The brand’s pre-workout competitor isn’t actually too bad, packing a fairly straightforward combination of eight different ingredients.

The list of features in 4 Gauge starts with 6g of citrulline malate, which isn’t listed with a ratio so that could be something like 3g of citrulline if its ratio is 1:1. You then have a gram of creatine monohydrate, half a gram of acetyl-l-carnitine, 300mg each of red beet and coconut water, 200mg theanine, 150mg caffeine, and 100mg of rhodiola.

Those doses are also from a single serving of 4 gauge, with the pre-workout’s maximum being two servings. Doubling the serving size will of course also double all of the product’s doses, taking things like the citrulline malate up to 12g, caffeine to 300mg, and theanine to 400mg.

4 Gauge Pre-Workout

4 gauge

As you can see the 4 Gauge pre-workout isn’t as packed as some of the best formulas we’ve seen out there, but it’s not too bad. It keeps things honest with a 100% transparently dosed combination and packs ingredients for a variety of effects, with 4 Gauge promising to deliver explosive power, laser focus, extended stamina, and increased muscle pumps.

If you’d like to find out any more about 4 Gauge and its self-titled pre-workout visit Not only can you get a slightly more detailed breakdown of its one supplement there, but you can also purchase it for $45 a tub or $37 each if you purchase three tubs.

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