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4+ Nutrition launches its effervescent tablet Freezy Series

4+ nutrition freezy tabs

Our favorite Italian brand 4+ Nutrition has launched an all-new collection of supplements this month called the Freezy Tabs series. The line is made up of three different formulas, all of which come in effervescent tablets that you simply throw in a glass of water and drink up.

The three 4+ Nutrition Freezy Tabs Series products all pretty much confirm their contents right in their names. You have the Vitamin C Freezy Tabs with a gram of vitamin C in each tablet, the Magnesium – Potassium Freezy featuring magnesium, potassium, and choline, and lastly the Multivitamin Freezy which packs a complete and balanced combination of various vitamins and minerals.

All three of 4+ Nutrition’s new Freezy Tabs supplements have been officially released, with local fans already able to purchase them direct from the brand’s Italian website. The cheapest of the three is the Magnesium – Potassium Freezy at €5, then you have the Vitamin C Freezy at €7, then the Multivitamin being the most expensive at €10.

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