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4+ Nutrition starts the new year with the bite size Soft Snack Attack

soft snack attack

The innovative Italian brand 4+ Nutrition, has just introduced its first new supplement for 2017. Following on from its string of butter products from over the past couple of months, the brand has introduced another edible effort called Soft Snack Attack. As its name suggests, the Soft Snack Attack has been designed to be used as a simple snack, weighing in at just 15g a piece.

The latest from 4+ Nutrition isn’t going to be available in individually wrapped packets, instead it comes in a bag of 10 bar. At the moment we don’t know too much about the snack itself, just that it weighs 15g a piece, has 28% protein which is 4.2g, is a soft snack as its title suggests, and comes in at least the one Coconut flavor.

While 4+ Nutrition doesn’t appear to have Soft Snack Attack on its website just yet, it is a fast moving brand so we don’t imagine it being too far away.

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