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C4 Ultimate Review: Performance enhancing powerhouse

c4 ultimate review

As soon as we laid eyes on the label behind Cellucor’s latest pre-workout supplement C4 Ultimate, we knew we had to try it. The supplement brings together all of the top features from all of the brand’s other pre-workout competitors, creating a formula that is truly the ultimate C4. We’ve now finally finished running the product for review, testing it back to back with some of our favorites, and we can say it does indeed live up to the name.

Flavor is on point

Before we even get into how well C4 Ultimate performs in the gym, we have to say the flavoring on this one is incredible. We don’t usually talk about taste too much when it comes to pre-workouts, as we never judge them on it and only ever mention it when it’s good or bad. On this occasion it is good, with the one Orange Mango flavor we were fortunate enough to try tasting like a sweet, sugar filled drink despite having just five calories.

Smooth energy to start

Moving on to how Cellucor’s new C4 Ultimate performs, as per usual it all starts with a nice smooth energy kick. The supplement definitely doesn’t hit you too hard right out of the gate, which isn’t too surprising as it isn’t overloaded with stimulants, nor does it have a lot of caffeine to it. The energy comes on rather gradually, building up between 10 to 20 minutes after taking it, meaning you can hit the gym when it peaks if you time it right.

c4 ultimate review

In the zone type focus

Once you start your workout that is where C4 Ultimate really starts working its magic. As you make your way through your first few sets the product’s energy doesn’t really get any better, the focus however does come into play in a big way. It quickly infuses with the energy very early on in your workout, getting you in the right place mentally and keeping you that way until you leave the gym. Depending on how long you train it can actually go beyond that, as the focus stayed strong for us for a good 30 to 60 minutes after a workout.

Performance powerhouse

As great as smooth energy and strong focus is in a pre-workout, the list of highlights in C4 Ultimate doesn’t end there. It does in fact have one more major feature that is really what makes this one a must try. The supplement’s biggest attraction is without a doubt its ability to increase performance and endurance. This isn’t an effect like too much caffeine or overstimulation, it’s a smooth, very natural feeling boost in performance that will easily add another few exercises to your workout.

The increased performance and endurance is most noticeable when you try and lift your game a bit, something like add an extra plate, go for more reps, or shorten your rest periods. When you do you’ll notice C4 Ultimate has the power to take it all on. When you add more weight, you’ll find you can handle it a lot better than you’d think. When you go for more reps, it’ll be your muscles that stop as the product makes it very difficult to exhaust yourself. Lastly, if you shorten your rest periods it won’t be a problem as C4 Ultimate refuels your body so quickly you’ll feel like you didn’t do the set you know you just did.

c4 ultimate review

The supplement is truly a performance powerhouse, and it does it all without making you feel overly energized or stimulant driven. C4 Ultimate simply gives you the fuel to destroy your muscles, not your power to perform. That’s where the idea we mentioned earlier of adding more exercises comes from. The product allows you to dominate sets and exercises so efficiently, that your workout could easily finish 10 minutes early and even though you did the usual amount of work, you won’t feel wiped out and be more than happy to do a bit more.

Lacking pump

While the light energy, solid focus, and incredible performance are all great features of C4 Ultimate, there is one area where it does fall down. The supplement doesn’t seem to deliver too well when it comes to pump. We’re not sure if it is because it has so much else going on, but it doesn’t really come through with a level we felt we needed the product to achieve. The energy and performance can certainly help you get a good pump going, although it doesn’t create an enhanced or unnatural type pump where you know for sure the supplement is doing something.

Heaping scoop for more energy

To get the best experience for our review, we found that a heaping scoop of C4 Ultimate worked best. We did try the regular level scoop, but found that little extra to be slightly better. The added amount doesn’t really increase the focus or performance, it does however make that initial energy kick a bit louder and give you a consistent, higher level of energy throughout your workout.

c4 ultimate review

New go-to for Cellucor fans

If you didn’t get it from our entire C4 Ultimate review above, Cellucor’s latest pre-workout effort is easily its best yet. It packs enough energy to get you going, more than enough focus to ensure your mind is on the job, and a performance boost that will give you the ability to go beyond what you’re used to. While it does lack a bit in the pump department, it’s not something you’ll miss with all of the other effects it has.

We definitely don’t recommend this for any stimulant pre-workout fans, or anyone who is a fan of DMHA formulas. C4 Ultimate is more suited for those after a performance and endurance powered experience. It’s best compared to the likes of Muscle Element’s PreCre, Nutrabolics Supernova, and even Jim Stoppani’s Pre Jym. In fact C4 Ultimate features a combination of effects almost identical to Pre Jym, although its smooth, long lasting energy and slightly better performance does make it more of an improved version of Pre Jym.

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