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Gaspari returns to the top after a year of bringing back legends


Usually our list of top 5 brands features new or young companies, as they’re the ones that seem to make the biggest noise and/or improve the most. Last year however, we saw an already well-established brand return to the top of the industry with an awesome bunch of supplements. That brand was none other than Gaspari Nutrition.

While the brand didn’t exactly launch a lot of new products, the few that it did introduce made a lot of noise. In fact, just the rumor of some of the supplements Gaspari released got a whole lot of attention. The year really only started for the brand in late January when it unveiled then later released a series of limited edition Myofusion Advanced flavors. It wasn’t so much that the flavors were limited edition, but that they were all quite unique with Caramel Pretzel, Chocolate Hazelnut Creme, and Bacon Maple Pancake.

After that, it was pretty quiet for Gaspari up until June, which is when things really started to heat up. Basically, the brand made a massive announcement saying that it was bringing back edgy reformulations of three discontinued, but very well-known supplements. Those three were the pre-workout SuperPump 250, the pump formula PlasmaJet, and the muscle builder Halodrol. The even more exciting news was that SuperPump 250 was being reformulated with the controversial stimulant DMAA.


Not too long after Gaspari’s three legends were confirmed to be coming back, details came out that the brand had plans to bring back more discontinued products. The protein powder IntraPro was the next supplement to be resurrected, although only for international customers. It was around that time Gaspari also decided to add to its amino formula Aminolast, giving it a new Black Cherry flavor.

A month or so later Gaspari revealed and released another entirely new product, introducing its energy infused amino competitor HyperAmino. As big as all the moves the brand had made up until that point were, it turned out it still had a few surprises tucked away for the last few months in the year.

novedex xt

Around September and October Gaspari really kept its 2016 momentum going with the introduction of three exciting supplements. The first was the breakthrough protein powder Precision Protein, an extremely unique formula designed to deliver higher levels of leucine. We then got confirmation of a DMAA free version of SuperPump 250 as well as the return of a fifth legendary Gaspari product. While it has still yet to be released, the brand did reveal that it’s bringing back a reformulated version of its well-known muscle builder from back in the day, Novedex XT.

Overall Gaspari Nutrition really dominated the year, going from a brand that wasn’t exactly being talked about much, to a company that was getting more attention than some of the biggest names in the industry. The idea of bringing back previousy discontinued supplements seemed to be the main driving force behind all the success, which by the looks of things a lot of fans definitely appreciated.

We can only hope as we move into the new year that Gaspari has just as much excitement planned as it did last year. We do know that the reformulated Novedex XT is on the list of products we’ll be seeing in 2017, as it didn’t quite make it out to shelves in 2016.

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