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Anabolic Mass the first product from Levrone’s new Black Line

levrone anabolic mass

Kevin Levrone’s Signature Series has just had an entirely new series added to it called the Black Line. The series has been introduced today with the unveiling of one of the supplements in it named Anabolic Mass. The upcoming product is a weight gaining formula packed with a lot more than your typical mass protein.

From what we can see the latest from Kevin Levrone’s Signature Series isn’t an overly high-calorie supplement featuring 48g of protein per serving as well as 54g of carbohydrates. As mentioned Anabolic Mass does have a little more than your typical gainer, with all of its extra features hidden away in its other ingredients section.

Also included in the beautifully packaged black and gold Levrone Anabolic Mass, is 3.6g of taurine, 1.872g d-aspartic acid, 1.8g each of HMB and creatine monohydrate. 1.2g of arginine, 600mg of ornithine, and 360mg of fenugreek. Because of all the additional features, the Black Line product promises a number of additional benefits such as boosted testosterone levels and growth hormone, and enhanced recovery.

According to the brand, its new Black Line Anabolic Mass has arrived today, suggesting it does now have stock of the supplement ready to go. If that is indeed the case we imagine fans can expect to see the mass protein in stores sometime soon.

We are still left with one question however, and that is what else is going to be in Levrone’s Black Line? Since it is a line it only makes sense that it’ll have more than one product, and if Anabolic Mass is anything to go by the others will be quite complex.