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Lipocide IR said to be a harder hitting, more intense fat burning experience

lipocide IR

Earlier this week we got a sneak peek at Hany Rambod’s all-new look for his Evogen supplement line. The new look was unveiled on one of the brand’s two new formulas, the flavored fat burner Lipocide IR. As a follow up to that, today we have confirmation of what separates it from the capsule Lipocide as well as the label behind the new weight loss competitor.

Firstly Lipocide IR has been designed as a harder hitting, more intense fat burning experience. Much like the regular Lipocide, the flavored product does feature stimulants but is still a very different formula. Lipocide IR is also said to hit a little quicker, taking effect in around five minutes after you throw it back.

lipocide IR

As for the ingredients in Evogen’s latest weight loss competitor, it does have quite a few in common with the capsule Lipocide. The supplement features a combination of four transparent ingredients as well as a 273mg proprietary blend packing another seven. Some of the highlights from Evogen’s Lipocide IR formula include half a gram of choline, a strong 200mg of caffeine, and unknown amounts of Capsimax, Advantra Z, and acetyl l-carnitine.

Evogen Lipocide IR

lipocide IR

Evogen fans can now pick up the new Lipocide IR from the brand’s website, where it’s not actually too badly priced. If you do decide you want to grab the product direct from Evogen it’ll cost you $39.99 for a full size 60 serving tub. Lipocide IR does however only come in the one flavor with the intensely named Fiery Fruit Punch.

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