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Get one week free with ProSupps Mr. Hyde Challenge

mr hyde challenege

We’ve come across a nice little promotion over on ProSupps own website, that’s worth getting in on if you like its pre-workout Mr. Hyde or are even just interested in giving it a try. The promotion is called the Mr. Hyde Challenge, which doesn’t look like it requires much to take part in but the return sounds fairly worthwhile.

Basically, there is a special Mr. Hyde Challenge page and at the top it says “one week free!”, followed by a picture of Mr. Hyde itself then the line, “take the Mr. Hyde Challenge”. We’re not entirely certain on what it means by one week free, whether it’s referring to a coupon for Mr. Hyde or a trial size, but it definitely sounds like you can get something free from it all.

To take the Mr. Hyde Challenge there is a form on the promotion’s page that you can fill out with your address details and where you heard about the challenge. Once submitted it says the brand will respond as soon as possible with presumably more details about the whole thing and what the one week free is all about.

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