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MusclePharm relaunching its website with a new line of clothing


The Athlete’s Company MusclePharm has announced that its first new line of apparel in a very long time, is about to be released. We honestly can’t remember the last time we saw something in terms of clothing from the brand, in fact back in the day MusclePharm was pretty consistent with new releases through its MusclePharm Sportswear brand.

In MusclePharm’s latest announcement it has basically said that it plans on relaunching its website very soon, and with that is going to come an all-new line of apparel. The collection is also actually going to be exclusive to the site, with one of the designs from the line being the white and green military tee you can see in the image above.

By the sounds of things MusclePharm’s big relaunch is going down sometime soon, so definitely stay tuned as we’ll share more details as soon as they become available.

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