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Myprotein combines a casein blend with weight loss in Diet Casein

diet casein

Myprotein is back again today rounding out the week with yet another entry into the competitive world of protein. The brand’s latest release is called Diet Casein, which is basically a blend of three different forms of casein protein as well as a couple of weight loss ingredients.

The product’s nutrition breakdown per serving is 23g of protein coming from micellar casein, Micelle XL milk isolate, and D-Celle Whey. Then you have 1.8g of carbohydrates with 1.1g of that sugar, 1.8g of fiber, less than a gram of fat, and a total of 110 calories. As mentioned Myprotein has thrown in a few extra ingredients into Diet Casein as well, adding choline bitartrate, green tea, and CLA.

Like with all of Myprotein’s new supplements, Diet Casein has immediately been launched direct through the brand’s main international website. It is now available in two sizes, a 1kg and a 2.5kg bag, with three flavors in stock in Chocolate Smooth, Cinnamon Danish, and Strawberry, and two others still on the way in Chocolate Mint and Banana. The prices on the product are £24.99 for the smaller 33 serving, and £52.99 for the much larger 83 serving.

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