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Myprotein adds a whole food bar to its Organic Series

myprotein organic raw bar

Last week we saw Myprotein add quite a few new supplement to its line, including the edible Vegan Protein Bar and the new addition to its MyRange, MyDiet. This week the brand has added another product to one of its many lines, introducing the edible Organic Series supplement, the Myprotein Organic Raw Bar.

The name of Myprotein’s latest release does explain exactly what it is in its title, being a 35g nutritious bar, made only from 100% certified organic ingredients. The snack size product packs a light 3.1g of protein, 16g of carbohydrates with 14g of that sugar, 6.8g of fat (1.4g saturated), and a total of 141 calories.

Myprotein Organic Raw Bar

myprotein organic raw bar

The main ingredients the Myprotein Organic Raw Bar uses are dates and cashews, as well as cacao and raisins in the Chocolate flavor, and raspberries and acai berries in the appropriately named Raspberry and Acai Berry flavor.

Anyone interested in giving Myprotein’s all-new edible effort a try can now grab it, as always from the brand’s main website. It’ll cost you £19.99 a box, although each box does pack a little more than your usual amount of bars with 18.

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