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Myprotein Vegan Protein Bar introduced in 3 unique flavors

myprotein vegan protein bar

The continuously growing brand Myprotein has launched another edible product this week, introducing fans to the obviously named Vegan Protein Bar. The new release is exactly what it sounds like, an all-natural, high protein snack. The bar is relatively small weighing in at 50g a piece, so it’s no surprise its macros aren’t quite as high as your typical protein bar.

The nutrition numbers making up the new Myprotein Vegan Protein Bar are essentially an even balance of everything with 13g of protein, 14g of fat (4.3g saturated), 12g of carbohydrates with 5.7g of that sugar, and lastly 231 calories. Being a Myprotein product the protein bar does of course come in a variety of interesting flavors with Choc Chip, Nut & Vanilla, Peanut & Maple Syrup, and Chocolate, Cashew, & Orange.

Myprotein Vegan Protein Bar

myprotein vegan protein bar

Myprotein fans can now grab the Vegan Protein Bar from the brand’s main website, where all three flavors are in stock and available at £23.99 for a box of 18 bars. There is also a promotion running at the moment for today only, with the coupon code “EVERYTHING” getting you a massive 30% off, dropping that £23.99 down to just £16.79.

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