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Orb Wellness launches its new Terra Bead line-up at GNC

orb wellness

Orb Wellness is an all new brand now available through the major retailer GNC. Its line-up consists of seven different supplements, all of which use time release Terra Bead Technology, much like the well-known Performix line. This brand however is very different from Performix, as most of its products are general or mainstream type formulas as opposed to advanced sports supplements.

The names of all seven of Orb’s products do explain exactly what they are with Women’s Multi + Fish Oil, Men’s Multi + Fish Oil, Sleep Complex, Mental Focus + Mood, Smooth Energy Complex, Heart Complex, and Hair, Skin, Nails + Collagen. Some of the Orb supplements feature relatively simple formulas, although there are some that feature quite the variety of ingredients.

As mentioned earlier the entire Orb line-up is infused with Terra Bead Technology meaning all of the supplements have time release effects, such as time release energy, sleep, focus, and so on. If you’d like to read a little more about what each of the items do outside of their main purpose mentioned in their titles, you can visit

All seven Orb products can now be purchased from the retailer GNC, and all for the exact same price. Regardless of whether you want to give one of the brand’s vitamins a spin, its sleep formula, or smooth energy blend, GNC has priced all of the supplements at $49.99 each, with all seven also packing 30 servings per bottle.

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