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Purus Labs Everyday Amino looking like rebranded version of AminOD

purus labs everyday amino

A seemingly all new supplement has surfaced this week from Purus Labs called Everyday Amino. We say seemingly as we’re not entirely certain on whether it’s new or just a renamed version of the brand’s other essential amino acid formula AminOD. The reason we’re thinking it could be a new AminoD is because it does compete in the same category and it comes wrapped in the new Purus branding.

The reason we can’t confirm the newly surfaced Purus Labs Everyday Amino is a replacement for AminOD, is because we’ve yet to come across its official label. When we do we should be able to offer a lot more information, although it would make sense that it’s a renamed replacement, as Purus has recently gone through and rebranded a couple of other items.

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