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Stacked Protein Gainer doesn’t go too high with 860 calories per serving

stacked protein gainer

EVL rounded out last year fairly strongly with the unveiling of a Stacked Protein expansion. The brand introduced a full family of protein powders with its two spin-offs, Stacked Protein Lean and Stacked Protein Natural. As much as we thought that was more than enough from EVL for the protein category, it turns out the brand actually has one more supplement up its sleeve.

Today we have the unveiling of EVL’s fourth protein powder competitor or third Stacked Protein spin-off, with Stacked Protein Gainer. As you could probably guess by its name, the latest entirely new product from the brand is a mass protein formula, which includes a lot of the extras that make up the regular Stacked Protein.

Each serving of EVL’s upcoming Stacked Protein Gainer weighs in at a rather heavy 231g. Squeezed into that massive serving is 50g of protein from a blend of whey concentrate, isolate, and hydrolysate, micellar casein and egg albumin. You then have 160g of carbohydrates (9g sugar, 6g fiber) with maltodextrin as the main source, a relatively low 6g of fat (3g saturated), and a solid total of 860 calories.

As mentioned Stacked Protein Gainer does feature a couple of the extras that make the regular Stacked Protein stand out. On top of everything mentioned above the supplement is promoting twice as much glutamine as the original with 10g per serving, as well as a digestive enzyme blend of Aminogen and lactase.

EVL’s all-new Stacked Protein Gainer is due to be released very soon, in fact the brand itself is saying it should be good to go within the next few weeks. When it eventually arrives fans will be able to purchase it in just the one 14 serving, 7lb tub, with two traditional tastes to choose from in Chocolate Decadence and Vanilla Ice Cream.

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