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Steel Supplements getting ready to release a line of muscle builders

steel supplements andro

So far this year we’ve already seen the fast growing Steel Supplements, release two new products. The first was the creatine formula ATP Fusion, then second we got another flavor of its noopept powered pre-workout with Blood Orange Charged AF. We’ve now got word that the brand has a few more entirely new supplements coming down the pipeline.

In total there have been three products confirmed as coming soon from Steel Supplements, all of which are pretty closely related. The items are a lot like Redcon1’s line-up of muscle builders, with 19-Nor-Andro powered by a 19-NorDHEA blend, 4-Andro featuring a 4-DHEA blend, and 1-Andro with a 1-DHEA blend. Each of the products also features an extra half a gram dose of the trademarked Byroviron bryonia laciniosa and 250mg of safed musli.

Steel Supplements has already listed its three upcoming muscle builders on its website in preparation for their arrival. We’re not entirely certain on when they’re all going to be launched, although the brand has revealed their prices with 19-Nor-Andro, 4-Andro, and 1-Andro, all costing the same at $79.99 for a full 60 serving bottle.

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