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Vaso Grow V3 swaps agmatine for more leucine and GPLC

vaso grow v3

Just as we’ve seen it do several times before, this week Dedicated Nutrition has updated one of its current supplements with a new and improved formula. The product getting the attention this time around is its pump supplement Vaso Grow, which was in fact reformulated into a V2 version a year and a half ago in June of 2015.

For Vaso Grow V3, Dedicated hasn’t really made too many changes, dropping just one ingredient and adding in two more. The ingredient the brand has removed is the one recently banned in Europe, with Vaso Grow losing its half a gram of agmatine. In its place, Dedicated has thrown in 750mg of GPLC (glycine-propionyl-l-carnitine) and 475mg of leucine. The product does also now pack all of its features into a six-capsule serving, as opposed to its predecessor which used four capsules.

vaso grow v3

Dedicated’s Vaso Grow formula still promises to deliver all of the same effects with increased pumps and muscle building support. If you’d like to read a full breakdown of the entire Vaso Grow V3 formula, the brand has already updated its website with a description of each and every ingredient. Fans can expect to see the reformulated supplement in stores sometime in the near future, and in a slightly bigger 300 capsule bottle thanks to its serving size increase.

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