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Whey Gold Meal back with a new look, formula, and flavor

whey gold meal

Optimum Nutrition fans may remember not too long ago their favorite brand had a meal replacement supplement available called Whey Gold Meal. We’re not sure what happened to it or why it disappeared, but by the looks of things the product is making a comeback. Whey Gold Meal has recently popped up on the brand’s own website, with an all new look, formula, and flavor.

Compared to the previous version, Optimum’s new Whey Gold Meal features a much more balanced combination of macros. Instead of packing 45g of protein and 20g of carbohydrates like the original, the supplement has been switched to almost half the protein with 25g and only 3g less carbohydrates at 17g. The other important nutrition numbers include 3g of fat (1g saturated), 7g of fiber, 2g of sugar, and a total of 200 calories.

Optimum NutritionWhey Gold Meal (2017 version)

whey gold meal

As you can tell by its macros the product is definitely different, although the new Whey Gold Meal does set itself even further apart with the few ingredients that we know of. The supplement’s protein sources are said to be whey and casein from milk, with chickpea and oat being responsible for its fiber, and rounding out its label is a blend of complex carbohydrates.

As mentioned Optimum’s Whey Gold Meal has recently popped up on its own website at The brand isn’t listing the product in either of its original flavors — Chocolate Cream and Vanilla Custard — with just the one new taste to choose from in Mocha. It also comes in a slightly smaller tub size packing just 16 servings and will cost you $37.99 from Optimum’s online store.

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