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Yummy Sports will make your mouth water with its upcoming protein

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Yummy Sports is a brand that stays true to its name, and has an entire line promoted as being incredibly delicious. Currently, it has just the one supplement in its family with Candies BCAA, a simple BCAA formula packing 4.5g of 2:1:1 ratio BCAAs in each of its 40 servings. Where things get a little bit different though is on Candies BCAA’s menu, which features a massive nine different candy inspired flavors.

Some of the more delicious sounding options from the Candies BCAA menu include Twixxler, Skittlez, Nerdiez, and the cereal inspired Fruit Loopz. To make Yummy Sports an even more interesting brand, it has just announced that it has a second product on the way with an equally, creatively flavored protein powder called Yummy ISO.

The upcoming supplement does look like it’s going to have a fairly straightforward formula, being a 100% whey isolate protein powder packing 22g of protein per serving. Just like Candies BCAA however, Yummy ISO does have a menu that will make your mouth water. The product has been confirmed to be coming in five extremely good looking flavors with Pop Tartz, Reesez, Nutellaz, Coffee Crizp, and Caramilkz.

yummy iso

Unfortunately, at the moment if you’d like to try any of Yummy Sports Candies BCAAs, or even its very delicious looking protein when it eventually arrives. You aren’t likely going to find any of the brand’s supplements at your usual retailer. Yummy is in fact a Canadian company and isn’t available at any of the major stores here in the US like, Suppz, or Tiger Fitness.

The best place to get the Yummy line seems to be the brand’s own website, which isn’t quite as bad as it initially appears. Direct from Yummy, Candies BCAA is going to cost you $39.99 a tub, however there is a bulk option where you can get three for the price of two, dropping the product down to about $26 a tub. You can check it all out for yourself at, although with the way the brand looks we wouldn’t be surprised if it makes its way stateside sometime soon.

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