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Popeye’s also gets a capsule version of Muscletech’s Creactor

creactor capsules

Over the past few weeks we’ve been introduced to a handful of new products from Muscletech made exclusively for the Canadian retailer Popeye’s. That list includes the fat burner Hydroxycut Super Elite, and the two, three piece stacks with the Ripped Kit and the Ultimate Musclebuilding Kit. Details on another supplement for the area have now surfaced, although this one isn’t quite as exciting as all of the others.

Popeye’s shoppers in Canada now have another version of Muscletech’s creatine HCl formula available to choose from with Creactor capsules. The product features the exact same combination of ingredients as the original powder in pill form, with 750mg each of free acid creatine and creatine HCl. The capsule Creactor does however have fewer servings, with a total of 75 as opposed to the powder’s 120.

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