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Blackstone Labs officially discontinues Dust Extreme

dust extreme discontinued

Following yesterday’s post about Blackstone Labs’ DMAA pre-workout Dust Extreme not being available for purchase from the brand’s own website. We now have lot more official information about the future of the product, that we imagine Blackstone and Dust Extreme fans are going to want to hear.

The brand has confirmed that the DMAA version of Dust Extreme has officially been discontinued. Basically, don’t count on seeing it back in stock on Blackstone’s website in the near future, and expect to see it start disappearing from retailers soon as well.

The good news though is that the brand does have a new version of Dust Extreme on the way. It hasn’t given us any kind of launch timeframe for it, but it’s great news nonetheless, as it means fans of the DMAA pre-workout do have something to look forward to when they run out of Dust Extreme.

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