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Inspired is ready to wreak havoc with DVST8 Crimson

dvst8 crimson

After a lot of well-deserved hype, Inspired’s highly anticipated pre-workout DVST8 Crimson has now been completely unveiled, with the supplement itself due to be available in just one days time. While we do already know quite a bit about the product, the one thing the brand has kept under wraps is Crimson’s facts panel, which we do finally have for you today.

For those that missed our previous post on DVST8 Crimson from December, we were fortunate enough to get a few samples of this supplement to try, without knowing what’s in it. Based on the workouts we used it for, we confirmed that Crimson is yet another pre-workout masterpiece from Inspired, and it is going to be another top competitor. The product is a slightly simpler experience, being all about energy, focus, and a good amount of pump, as opposed to a strong dose of everything like in DVST8 White Cut.

As for the list of ingredients making up DVST8 Crimson, it really comes as no surprise that Inspired has kept the formula fairly simple, much like its combination of effects. The supplement’s label is also not transparent, which to be honest is fine with us as we already know the pre-workout is effective and the brand more than earned our respect with its 100% transparent DVST8 White Cut.

Inspired DVST8 Crimson

dvst8 crimson

The contents of DVST8 Crimson are broken up into three blends, with the first one being an 8g mix of citrulline malate at a high 5:1 ratio, betaine anhydrous, and taurine. Next is the 1.28g blend of choline bitartrate, beet root powder, glycine, DMHA, citrus aurantium, hordenine, and huperzine A. Last but not least is Crimson’s four form caffeine combination featuring 400mg of caffeine anhydrous, citrate, Infinergy dicaffeine malate, and PurCaf caffeine.

Anyone interested in getting their hands on Inspired’s all-new DVST8 Crimson, as mentioned, can do so in just one days time. The brand itself has confirmed that stock of the product has arrived, and is going to be available in all three of its flavors through its online store sometime tomorrow.

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