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Killer Labz goes quite heavy for its nighttime formula Mummified

killer labz mummified

In preparation for the upcoming release of its next entirely new supplement, the hardcore brand Killer Labz has passed on the label for its nighttime recovery competitor Mummified. The product was initially unveiled at the beginning of last month, where we got confirmation that it’s been designed to help get you to sleep quicker, increase your quality of sleep, and have you waking up feeling recovered.

To make sure it delivers on its exciting-sounding list of effects, Killer Labz Mummified has been packed with a fairly hefty 8.25g blend of sleep and recovery driven ingredients. The supplement’s list of features includes unknown amounts of the likes of GABA, phenibut, valerian root, and theanine.

Killer Labz Mummified

killer labz mummified

We’re still a little uncertain as to when Killer Labz Mummified is going to be officially released, although knowing the brand it will be introduced through its own website and with some kind of deal. We also know fans will have just the one 30 serving tub size to choose from, and at least one flavor with Furious Punch.

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