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Purus Labs’ Muscle Marinade is not coming back with DMAA

muscle marinade

Just yesterday it was confirmed that Purus Labs would be bringing back one of its older supplements, the almost legendary pre-workout Muscle Marinade. So far the brand hasn’t revealed too much information about the product, however since yesterday a very important detail has been confirmed.

One of the things that made Purus Labs’ original Muscle Marinade so good back in the day, was that it featured the powerful stimulant DMAA. With the pre-workout returning our first question was of course, would the supplement be returning in its original form, and use DMAA in some way?

It turns out the upcoming Muscle Marinade won’t have DMAA. Purus Labs has confirmed that it’s only made small changes to the formula, with one of those being that it’s left out the controversial stimulant. We can only hope the brand has replaced DMAA with something that’ll make up for the loss, as it will likely be a different experience without it.

Purus Labs all-new Muscle Marinade is still expected to be launched sometime next month, putting it anywhere from three to seven weeks away.

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