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MusclePharm previews its upcoming natural supplement series

musclepharm organic series

Back in 2016 you may remember quite a few details surfaced on a new series from MusclePharm called Nature Sport. Last year we got even more details with a close up look at the line’s plant protein Thrive. It seems that series has recently gone through some changes and now appears to be a lot more ready to go.

A new image from MusclePharm has been released this week featuring four all-natural supplements in what looks to be an updated Nature Sport line. The products don’t actually mention Nature Sport anywhere on them or use any of the Nature Sport names we’ve seen in the past, they have however been packaged in the exact same branding.

musclepharm plant protein

The items pictured in the image are MusclePharm Plant Protein, the category named Pre-Workout, Organic Superfoods, and an Organic Protein Bar. The last one on that list is the most surprising feature, as previously the Nature Sport series was previewed with a pre-workout (Boost), protein (Thrive), and superfood formula (Elevate), but not a protein bar.

The all-new Muscle Pharm natural series is expected to be available fairly soon, with an estimated launch timeframe of sometime in April. If however you’re attending the Natural Products Expo West in a couple of weeks, the brand is in fact going to be there sampling its all-natural line.

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