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Muscletech launches its joint competitor Sports Plex in Europe

muscletech sports plex

Details on an all-new supplement for Muscletech’s European line have surfaced today, introducing the joint support competitor Sports Plex. While the product does pack an interesting, 100% transparent formula, what’s even more interesting about it is that it’s not a type of supplement US Muscletech fans have available to them.

The European-only Sports Plex promises to improve joint mobility as well as range of motion, help with muscle soreness, and support development and maintenance of bone structure. To back all of those promises up Muscletech has packed the product with 240mg of tart cherry, 50mg each of curcumin and boswellia, and 20mg of UC-II standardized cartilage providing 5mg of collagen.

The all-new Muscletech Sports Plex is going to be available through the major European distributor Prometeus, who is in fact already said to have stock of the supplement. Because the joint formula is being distributed by Prometeus you can count on seeing it in a lot of places, or at least at all good Muscletech stockists.

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