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Myprotein setting some kind of new standard next Monday


Usually Myprotein reveals and releases its all-new supplements on the same day, in fact “Myprotein” and “teaser” are very rarely used in the same sentence. This week the brand is doing things a little bit different and has dropped a teaser video about something it has coming early next month.

So far all Myprotein has said on the topic of its upcoming mystery is “We’re setting a new standard…” Then in the brand’s teaser video you get a very vague look at what appears to be a product bottle, with no clues or hints about what the bottle has to do with Myprotein’s “new standard”.

If we had to guess we’d say the internationally available brand is getting ready to release some kind of new supplement line. There is the possibility that it could be about a new testing or formula standard of some kind, however if it wasn’t related to a new product or products, we don’t imagine the brand would’ve been so mysterious in its video.

Fortunately we’re not going to be waiting too long for the big reveal of whatever Myprotein has on the way. The brand has confirmed the a reveal date of March 6th with this week’s teaser, which is less than a week away from today.

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