Performax Labs drops its packed out NootropiMax label


Last month Performax Labs moved pretty quicklly following the launch of its highly anticipated natural anabolic MassMax XT, by introducing another entirely new supplement it has on the way. That supplement was the brand’s first entry into the world of focus products with NootropiMax, which we’ve now been given the full label for.

For those that missed our previous post on NootropiMax, like with most of Performax Labs’ supplements, the focus formula promises to do a little more than your average competitor. Its complete list of effects includes increased focus, improved memory and concentration, enhanced mood, and increased attention and cognitive health.

As for the ingredients the brand has pulled together to ensure NootropiMax comes through on all of those promises, the product has been packed with 10 transparently dosed features. From heaviest to lightest those features are 300mg of Bacognize branded bacopa, 250mg each of CDP choline and ornithine, 150mg each of caffeine and Infinergy dicaffeine malate. 100mg of theanine, 50mg of theacrine, 25mg of sceletium tortuosum, 20mg of noopept, and 10mg of huperzine A.


Performax Labs has indeed packed NootropiMax with quite the variety of ingredients, which includes a lot of interesting inclusions. The caffeine is definitely something we personally like to see in focus supplements, and being that it takes two capsules to make up a serving, NootropiMax does give you the ability to half the caffeine by taking just one capsule.

As per usual, today’s unveiling of NootropiMax’s label is soon going to be followed by an official launch of the product iself. The brand has said that it plans on making the supplement available for purchase in roughly two weeks time. That should see it released in the first week or two of March, with Performax’s website due to be the place it’ll be introduced.

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