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ProSupps finally releases a look at MyCookie in its packaging

prosupps mycookie

Of all the things we’ve seen for ProSupps upcoming MyCookie over the past few weeks with confirmation of its macros, what the cookie itself looks like, and even a review. There has been one rather large thing missing, and that is what the product is going to look like packaged and on shelves.

That final piece of the puzzle has now been dropped, which isn’t overly important but worth sharing for all of those ProSupps fans that are going to be looking for MyCookie in stores. The packaging is actually along the same lines as the brand’s incredibly delicious MyBar, featuring a white and gray dotted background, with red and white text, and a color bar representing each flavor.

ProSupps is still hoping to have its highly anticipated MyCookie out and available in April, with no word on whether that is early, mid, or late April.

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