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ProSupps MyCookie Review: Thick but smooth cookie packed full of flavor

prosupps mycookie review

Every now and then we get pretty lucky and are given the chance to try supplements that have yet to be released. Today we have yet another one of those opportunities as we’ve managed to get our hands on ProSupps’ highly anticipated protein packed MyCookie. We have only got two of its four flavors for today’s pre-release review, so they’re not our favorites just the only cookies we’ve been given.

Sweet and soft Peanut Butter

The flavor we’ll start with for our ProSupps MyCookie review is Peanut Butter, which we honestly thought would be better than Snickerdoodle, the other flavor we have. Firstly the consistency of the whole thing is absolutely spot on. The MyCookie is definitely a thick snack, although thanks to its extremely soft dough you can bite through it with ease. To make it sound even better the cookie’s main body does not hang around or leave any kind of dry texture or aftertaste. It’s a truly soft, delicious cookie and we haven’t even touched on the flavor side of it.

To go with the dough of the Peanut Butter MyCookie, you get a nice peanut butter flavor packed squiggle across the top. Initially, we thought that was where all of the product’s flavor would come from, however that’s not the case. There are also peanut butter flavor streaks throughout the cookie itself, not just on top. When you bite into it the soft cookie and sweet peanut butter lines all come together for a delicious experience, filled with sweet surprises as there are some strong peanut butter concentrations in the cookie.

Smooth Snickerdoodle flavor

We now have the Snickerdoodle ProSupps MyCookie, which as you’d imagine does have a very similar dough body to the Peanut Butter one. It’s soft and very easy to bite through, although the consistency does seem to play more towards the Snickerdoodle flavor than Peanut Butter. Unlike the other one, the Snickerdoodle MyCookie doesn’t really have that sweetness that comes with your typical peanut butter taste. Instead, it has a much smoother cinnamon touch to it that’s almost hidden by the other tastes it has in the mix.

As well as featuring a bit of cinnamon flavor, as you’d expect, ProSupps has also packed its Snickerdoodle MyCookie with a bit of oatmeal and raisin. While those two tastes don’t exactly trump the cinnamon, they do take some of the spotlight away from it. As for the reason we like this one better than the Peanut Butter, it’s purely because it has so many different flavors to it. You get the light cinnamon, oatmeal, raisin, and thick but smooth dough, and it really rolls together quite nicely, to the point where it feels like a lot more than 290 calories.

Definitely a tough competitor

Based on our experience with the Peanut Butter and Snickerdoodle ProSupps MyCookies, we imagine the snack is definitely going to be a tough competitor. Compared to the Quest Protein Cookie however, which is the only other delicious protein cookie we’ve come across, we don’t think it as good. With that being said, we have only tried the Peanut Butter and Snickerdoodle MyCookies, so currently it’s not too fair of a comparison.

The two other ProSupps MyCookies we’ve yet to get our hands on, unfortunately do sound like the more delicious flavors of the lot with Chocolate Chip and White Chocolate Chip. Not only do their titles suggest they’re packed full of chocolate chips, but they also sound like they’ll make for a much better comparison against the Quest Protein Cookie.

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