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Real Good Pizza gets you 25g of protein with as little as 240 calories

real good pizza

Every now and then we come across unique brands in the industry that aren’t your typical protein powder and pre-workout makers, that definitely deserve some attention. Today we have another one of those with the creative food company appropriately named Real Good Pizza.

As you could probably guess by its name, Real Good Pizza makes pizza. Being in the fitness industry however that pizza does come with a twist, as it is a health conscious protein filled 5″ pizza, built around an all natural parmesan chicken crust. The product is about as calorie friendly as a slightly heavier protein bar with a good dose of protein, low carbohydrates, and a high amount of fat.

real good pizza

The exact nutrition numbers making up Real Good Pizza’s pizzas are 25g of protein, 4g of carbohydrates with only 2g of that sugar, either 14 or 16g of fat (8/9g saturated), and a total of either 240 or 270 calories. The macros vary as there are three flavors of the pizza with the two 270 calorie options Supreme and Pepperoni, and Three Cheese with only 240 calories.

If you’d like to try any or all of the pizzas, there are two ways you can get a hold of them. The easier option is to visit one of Real Good Pizza’s retailers, which the brand has put together a convenient store locator for. The other option is to purchase direct through the brand’s website.

real good pizza

The reason ordering through Real Good Pizza’s website is the harder way to go, is because you have to order a minimum of 12 pizzas that’ll be shipped frozen. It is of course great if you end up liking them, but inconvenient if you don’t. If you purchase the minimum you’re looking at $5.80 a pizza, although the more you order the more you save with the best price being 30+ pizzas at $4.25 each.

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