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MusclePharm’s powerhouse post-workout Recon is making a return

recon sport

It has been revealed that one of MusclePharm’s earliest supplements, is going to be updated and relaunched under its much more recent Sport Series. The product now confirmed to officially be making a return is actually one of our longtime favorites, the post-workout supplement Recon.

At the moment all we know about MusclePharm’s upcoming Recon Sport is that it is on the way, and will be branded in line with the rest of its Sport Series. The big mystery of course is what is it going to look like formula wise? For all of those that don’t remember MusclePharm’s original Recon, it was certainly a packed out, recovery driven post-workout.

While a lot of its 40g serving was carbohydrates, just over 30% of it belonged to a long list of performance and recovery ingredients. That list included the likes of BCAAs at the brand’s unique 3:1:2 ratio, beta-alanine, other amino acids, a muscle detoxifier matrix, and a whole lot more. As mentioned it was one of our favorites back in the day, as it did exactly as advertised and helped boost recovery.

We’ll definitely be keeping an eye out for this one, and only hope MusclePharm does the original justice and makes Recon Sport a worthy post-workout competitor.

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