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Recon Sport just as loaded as MusclePharm’s original

recon sport

It was recently announced that MusclePharm’s original post-workout supplement Recon was coming back as Recon Sport. We now have details on that reformulated product and it seems the formula is just as packed as we had hoped, with a serving size almost as heavy as the original.

Much like its predecessor, the new Recon Sport has been designed to help with overall recovery after your workout. The supplement’s official list of effects includes enhanced antioxidant protection, ATP and glycogen restoration, reduced muscle soreness, muscle wasting prevention, and reduced anabolism and insulin sensitivity post workout.

To do all of the things it promises, MusclePharm has given its updated recovery competitor a heavy 34g serving size, which as mentioned is right around the size of the original Recon. Squeezed into that rather large scoop is a transparently dosed 15g of carbohydrates, with 9g of that coming from dextrose and the rest from the slower digesting Carb10 pea starch.

Recon Sport

The other features in Recon Sport are a typical 5g dose of creatine monohydrate, 3g each of leucine and glutamine, 300mg of VitaCherry tart cherry, and 150mg of n-acetyl-l-cysteine. The product also has 6g of the trademarked GroPlex protein peptide blend, included to enhance insulin response and nutrient delivery.

It definitely looks like MusclePharm has done its original Recon justice, bringing it back with a well-dosed formula. While it doesn’t quite feature the variety of ingredients its predecessor did or have a serving size as big. The new Recon Sport makes up for that by going with strong, transparent doses for each of its ingredients. It also actually does have a bit more room as the original was almost 70% carbohydrates, whereas Recon Sport is a little under half.

The new MusclePharm post-workout is expected to be launched sometime in the near future, with a total of 30 servings packed into each tub and two flavors to choose from in Fruit Punch and Orange Cream.

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