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Levrone’s Shaaboom Pump goes big with 5g of beta-alanine and 2g of agmatine

shaaboom pump

When Kevin Levrone’s supplement company Levrone Signature Series introduced its first Black Series product, Anabolic Mass. It was almost guaranteed that we would be seeing more from the brand for the alternatively themed black and gold line. Today we’ve got that second Black Series supplement, with Levrone Signature Series introducing Shaaboom Pump.

If you’re not a follower of Kevin Levrone himself, the product name Shaaboom Pump may sound a little odd. Shaaboom is actually something Levrone says in quite a few of his social media videos, and includes in the caption of some of his images.

Moving on to the supplement, Shaaboom Pump is a pre-workout formula designed to intensify your training with increased energy, focus, and pumps. At the moment we don’t know all of the ingredients in the new Black Series product, however the brand itself has passed on details of a few of them.

The ingredients we know for sure are going to be in Shaaboom Pump are a massive 5g of beta-alanine, 2g of citrulline malate with no word on what its ratio of citrulline to malic acid is. A rather heavy 2g of agmatine sulfate, 400mg of caffeine, and three forms of creatine with monohydrate, HCl, and tricreatine malate.

It will definitely be interesting to see the rest of Shaaboom Pump’s label, as based on the ingredients and doses we do know of, it is quite a packed pre-workout. For now it is also only being promoted as coming soon, with no exact date or rough timeframe for when the supplement will be available.