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Nutrabolics teases its new pre-workout Stim-X for April 11th


It looks like Nutrabolics is now gearing up for the launch of an all-new pre-workout supplement, almost two years after it introduced its performance powerhouse Supernova. The brand has released a teaser video for the product which does a great job and hyping it up, and uncovering just enough for us to make out its title and a few other details.

While Nutrabolics’ new video does keep its upcoming supplement pretty well hidden for most of its 30-second runtime, we do believe we can clearly see the pre-workout’s title with Stim-X. There are also a few doses we can kind of see with 2,979mg, possibly the weight of its energy blend, and what we think is 1,600mg, which could easily be the weight of one of its ingredients.

The brand has passed on a few words with its Stim-X teaser as well, that basically confirm the product is going to be like Supernova and be a complete pre-workout experience. According to Nutrabolics, the upcoming supplement is going to deliver increased energy, laser focus, enhanced endurance, and the “power to stimulate every fiber of your muscle for the ultimate limit-breaking training”.

Being the organized brand that it is, Nutrabolics has already given an exact date for when Stim-X is due to be available. Fans can expect to be able purchase the pre-workout in a little less than two months time, with the Stim-X deadline being Tuesday the 11th of April.

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