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Muscletech drops the label for its dual delivery fat burner SX7 Revolution

sx7 revolution

Early last month details finally surfaced on Muscletech’s next major Hydroxycut release, introducing SX7 Revolution, a weight loss formula using a new technology to deliver wet and dry ingredients in the one capsule. Basically, everything about the supplement was confirmed except for all of the ingredients it relies on. Muscletech has now finally passed on the still upcoming product’s official label, which is mostly made up of energy and fat burning ingredients.

For those that missed our previous post on SX7 Revolution, the effects the fat burner promises include increased energy, focus, thermogenesis, and overall weight loss. Based on that it’s really no surprise Muscletech has packed its dual delivery supplement with mostly energy and fat burning ingredients.

In total SX7 Revolution’s label features a combination of eight different ingredients, all of which are 100% transparently dosed. The heaviest on the list is the liquid stored ingredient Clarinol CLA (95% active CLA), dosed at 640mg per two-capsule serving. You then have the product’s dry active ingredients with 200mg each of green coffee bean and caffeine, 75mg of choline, 50mg of lion’s mane, 25mg rose hips, 20mg yohimbe, and 10mg of huperzine A.

sx7 revolution

Muscletech’s SX7 Revolution is unfortunately not yet available, with it still being listed as coming soon exclusively to GNC. The brand has however put together a page on its website dedicated to the new fat burning formula, going over everything it’s designed to do as well as breaking down all of its ingredients.

When SX7 Revolution does eventually arrive sometime over the next few months, Muscletech fans can expect to see it in two sizes with a typical 60 capsule 30 serving bottle, and a double size 120 count 60 serving.

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