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4+ Nutrition entering the chip game with Salt & Black Pepper and 48% protein

4+ protein chips

As promised 4+ Nutrition has unveiled the mystery box supplement it teased earlier this week, which has turned out to be quite the unique reveal. The new product from the Italian brand is the edible high protein snack, 4+ Protein Chips.

While the supplement does come packaged in a box as previously previewed, the chips themselves come wrapped up in the usual bag. Each box of 4+ Protein Chips then has three of those bags inside them, with the bags weighing in at 25g and packing 48% protein.

So far just the one flavor has been confirmed for the on-the-go product with Salt & Black Pepper. We’re definitely going to try and get our hands on these, as the 4+ Nutrition’s snacks we’ve tried have all been pretty on point with taste.

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