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Optimum Nutrition goes all natural for Amino Energy Free

amino energy free

Optimum Nutrition’s Essential Amino Energy family is already pretty big, with a number of different sizes, flavors, and even an RTD option. Very soon that family is actually going to get even bigger with an all-new version of the supplement called Amino Energy Free.

Just like Scivation’s Xtend BCAAs spin-off similarly named Xtend Free, Optimum’s Amino Energy Free is an all natural version without any artificial dyes, flavors, or sweeteners. We don’t yet know if any of the ingredients and doses in the new product are different, although it does have the same serving size as the regular Amino Energy at 9g, suggesting its formula is also the same.

amino energy

A few other details worth mentioning for the upcoming Amino Energy Free are that it will have fewer servings than the regular 30 serving Amino Energy, with 5 less at a total of 25. As for its menu, we can only confirm the one flavor for the all-natural supplement at the moment with a traditional Fruit Punch.

In terms of cost, we imagine Amino Energy Free will be priced around the same as the regular 30 serving Amino Energy, despite having a few less servings.

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