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ANS Performance makes very few changes for its Diablo sequel

ans diablo 2

Details on the sequel to ANS Performance’s weight loss formula Diablo have now been released, and as promised the brand hasn’t changed that much. ANS has really embraced the saying “if it ain’t broke don’t fix it” on this one, which does make sense as the previous version of Diablo is our #1 rated fat burner.

When you compare the formula behind the new ANS Diablo to the original, they’re really only separated by a few ingredients. Just like the original, the label of Diablo II is split up into two parts, its group of individually listed ingredients and a Diablo Inferno Complex.

ans diablo 2

In the individually listed department, ANS has carried over everything from its previous version of Diablo with a few changes and a new ingredient. You have the same half a gram of carnitine-l-tartrate, 250mg of choline, green coffee bean now at 200mg instead of 150, and the branded AdiLase hemerocallis at 150mg instead of 125. As for the new ingredient, Diablo II has 400mg of n-acetyl-l-tyrosine.

Moving on to the Diablo Inferno Complex in the new ANS fat burner, a lot of it is once again the same, although more importantly Diablo II’s blend has been switched to full transparency. Making up each serving of the sequel’s complex is 150mg of caffeine, 20mg of nelumbo nucifera, 15mg each of evodiamine, olive leaf, and the trademarked 6AM grains of paradise, and lastly 10mg of hordenine.

ans diablo 2

The updated Diablo is being promoted as a new and improved version, and with the few changes the brand has made, it’d be good to assume it’s just going to be better at everything the original did so well. For those that haven’t tried Diablo before, it does deliver on all the effects you want in a weight loss supplement with things like smooth energy, mood enhancement, real appetite suppression, and increased thermogenesis.

If you visit ANS Performance’s official website today, you will find Diablo II listed in its store, however there isn’t stock to purchase just yet. That is expected to change very soon, with the fat burner due to be available in four 60 serving flavors, Pineapple Mango, Pink Lemonade, Superfruit Splash, and Strawberry Kiwi.

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