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Cherry Limeade and Blue Raz join EVL’s BCAA 5000 menu

bcaa 5000

In the middle of last year EVL finally gave its basic BCAA supplement BCAA 5000 actual flavors with a Lemon Lime and a White Grape option. Up until then the product only came in Unflavored and capsules. The brand has now added another two tastes to BCAA 5000’s menu, giving fans a total of four flavors to choose from.

The new additions to the supplement’s menu are Blue Raz and Cherry Limeade, both of which have just been launched with a sale. For a limited time, EVL’s major retailer has two 30 serving tubs of BCAA 5000 for just $25. The deal works out to $12.50 a tub, and is perfect for those interested in trying the two new flavors.

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