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New Blue Demon Rhino Black, a limited edition color changing flavor

blue demon rhino black

Just as it did for Halloween last year with its Green Monster Rhino Black, Muscle Sport has put together another limited edition flavor for the same very supplement. This time around though the flavor is a bit more unique and hasn’t been made for any special occasion.

The latest Muscle Sport flavor release is called Blue Demon, which may not sound like a pre-workout flavor, although there is a meaning behind the name. The new Rhino Black option is actually a color changing formula. The powder itself is blue, however when mixed in with water it turns red, hence the name Blue Demon.

As mentioned Muscle Sport’s Blue Demon Rhino Black is a limited edition flavor, in fact only 5,000 tubs of it have been produced. The new release is due to be added to the brand’s own website sometime today, for the performance pre-workout’s usual price of $69.99.

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