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BPS unleashes 4 new products with Command, Control, Convert, and Compel

bps nutrition

Following BPS Nutrition’s January launch of the new version of its pre-workout StimRush, the brand has gone all out this month and launched four more new products. The supplements all actually belong to quite different categories, and are named Command, Control, Convert, and Compel.

bps convert

Most of the new BPS Nutrition products feature fairly straightforward formulas, such as Command and Convert. Command is a four ingredient testosterone booster packed with ZMA, 300mg of eurycoma longifolia, 150mg of rhodiola, and 5mg of black pepper. As for Convert, that’s a anti-aromatase formula featuring just three main ingredients with 300mg of DIM, 200mg grape seed, and half a gram of calcium-d-glucarate.

bps command

BPS Nutrition’s other two supplements are where things get a little more exciting with the fat burner Control and the focus product Compel. Control comes with a total of seven different ingredients, all brought together to increase energy, elevate your metabolic rate, enhance mood and focus, and help with overall weight loss.

bps control

As for Compel, BPS Nutrition promises quite a few benefits including antioxidant support, increased alertness, reduced fatigue, improved energy, and better brain function. Like the other three new supplements, Compel has a 100% transparent formula featuring highlights such as 300mg of CDP choline and half a gram of acetyl-l-carnitine.

bps compel

All four of BPS Nutrition’s new products have now been listed on the brand’s website with Convert priced at $19.99, Command at $24.99, Control at $22.99, and Compel being the most expensive at $29.99. The one catch with the availability of the supplements is that Control is the only new release that’s in stock, the other three are just online for pre-order.

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