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Chemical Four previewed with a look similar to Red Sky

chemical four

Chaos and Pain recently dropped a preview of a new weight loss supplement it’s launching soon called Red Sky. We didn’t get too much information on the product, however the preview did see the brand show off an all-new look that as suspected isn’t only going to be used on Red Sky.

Another Chaos and Pain sneak peek has been dropped today with a look at the previously confirmed 4-DHEA muscle builder Chemical Four. The supplement features a look very similar to Red Sky, with a clear bottle and label, allowing Chemical Four’s colorful green tablets to be incorporated into its look.

Based on today’s Chemical Four preview, we get the feeling that all of Chaos and Pain’s pill products are probably going to be rebranded with the stylish clear look. If not all of them then maybe just the brand’s tablet formulas, especially Chemical One, as it is in a series of sorts with Chemical Four and it’d be odd if they didn’t match.

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