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PharmaFreak launches its own clothing label called FreakMode100


In the past we’ve seen various items of clothing from PharmaFreak, a lot of which were pretty awesome. The supplement company has now taken that creativity and launched a dedicated clothing label called FreakMode100. The brand has started out with three different pieces of apparel, all featuring very similar designs.

The items making up the new FreakMode100 line are the Stealth Distressed Shirt, Stealth Sleeveless Shirt, and Stealth Tank Top. Each one features the brand’s logo on the front, then on the back in stylish black on black print are a few inspirational words, such as the Sleeveless Shirt’s “Blood, Sweat, Tears, Glory”.


You can get a closer look at all of the FreakMode100 designs on its website at You can of course also purchase any of the brand’s products through there, with the tee priced at $54.99, sleeveless shirt at $44.99, and the tank being the cheapest at $34.99.

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