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AI Sports’ new and improved Glycobol XT has arrived

glycobol xt

AI Sports recently confirmed that it had a new and improved version of its nutrient partitioner Glycobol on the way called Gycobol XT. That new and improved supplement has now arrived, which sees the brand follow through on its promise of turning Glycobol into a 100% transparent formula.

As mentioned previously, AI’s Glycobol has simply been designed to be better than its predecessor. The effects the new and improved version promises are a lot like the original Glycobol with improved recovery, increased muscle fullness and protein synthesis, and reduced fat storage.

glycobol xt

The formula the new Glycobol XT relies on is a combination of features from the original as well as some all-new ones. The ingredients and doses making up the product are half a gram each of berberine and agmatine, 300mg of gymnema sylvestre, 250mg each of banaba and cinnamon, 5mg of BioPerine black pepper, and 300mcg of chromium.

As always the first place to get the latest release from AI Sports, is its own website. Fans can now grab Glycobol XT from the brand’s online store for $10 cheaper than the original at $44.99 for a full-size 30 serving bottle.

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