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Killer Labz no longer uses DMAA in Executioner or Exterminator

killer labz

Last year we were introduced to the hardcore brand Killer Labz, who got a lot of attention due to its use of the controversial stimulant DMAA. The stimulant was originally used in both the brand’s pre-workout and fat burner, however for 2017 Killer Labz has switched things up and it is now no longer using DMAA.

The Killer Labz pre-workout Executioner has dropped its DMAA for the very reliable stimulant DMHA and n-phenethyldimethylamine. As for the brand’s weight loss formula Exterminator, that’s also swapped DMAA for DMHA and n-phenethyldimethylamine, as well as ephedra.

The brand is saying its updated, DMAA free supplements are better than the originals, and are already available in a number of places including direct through its own website.

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