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‘Merica Labz beta testing ‘Merica Minos with an 18.5g serving size

merica minos

It turns out the still very new brand ‘Merica Labz has more than just the one new supplement coming soon. For those that missed it a couple of days ago, we got our first look at the brand’s upcoming testosterone booster Liberty Ballz.

To finish off the week, ‘Merica Labz has released a preview of another entirely new product it’s currently beta testing. The name of the product is ‘Merica Minos, which is an amino formula with no ingredients or doses confirmed just yet. It is however more than likely that the supplement will be packing a good amount of BCAAs, especially since it’s being beta tested with an massive 18.5 serving size.

The only other details we know about the upcoming ‘Merica Minos are that the brand is beta testing it in two typical ‘Merica Labz flavors, Rocket Pop and Tigers Blood.

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