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MusclePharm Natural Series explained in detail following Expo West

musclepharm natural series

Last month when we posted about MusclePharm’s upcoming Natural Series, where we only really talked about how the long awaited line was finally going to be launched sometime this year. This week following last weekend’s Expo West where the series was officially introduced, the athlete’s company has dropped more information on all four of its natural supplements.

The details we have to share are descriptions and highlights of the MusclePharm Natural Series products, starting with the protein powder Organic Protein. The biggest of the four natural competitors is a pea isolate protein formula also featuring the trademarked QuinoaTrim quinoa. The only macros we know for it so far are 25g of protein with 19g of carbohydrates.

musclepharm natural series

Next is the other self-explanatory supplement Organic Superfood which features a mix of greens, fruits and vegetables, ancient grains, and sprouted whole foods. The product also packs a blend of aloe vera, digestive enzymes, and probiotics to with absorption of the whole formula.

You then have the category named Natural Series supplement, Pre-Workout. Like the rest of the products in the line, Pre-Workout features an all-natural formula with 150mg of PurCaf organic caffeine, green tea, guayusa, guarana, electrolytes, coconut water, and amino acids.

musclepharm natural series

Last on the list is the only edible supplement from the MusclePharm Natural Series, the Organic Protein Bar. Just like the line’s protein powder, the bar does rely on pea protein as well as brown rice with a total of 15g of protein per bar, no artificial ingredients, and no soy, dairy, or gluten.

As far as we know, MusclePharm’s long awaited Natural Series is still due to be released early next month. We do also now know that the three powder supplements are going to be available in both tubs and individual sachet or stick pack boxes, or at least they’ve been previewed in both.

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